• Kimberley Falk

I am attracted to brains … yeah, sort of like a zombie.

Thankfully, there's a lot of it around.

Funnily enough, when the older generation decided to criticize millennials for being “slackers,” they honestly didn’t have much of a factum to rely on.

Sure, we love life and we know how to have a good time (and document every minute of it on social media), yet more of our grandparents are finally starting to realize that those teenagers they saw hanging out at the 7-11 years ago are becoming the smartest (and richest) generation in history.

What’s hilarious (but not really) is that all of our talent, education, and strive to succeed is being wasted when so many of us can’t find employment to even start to pay off our student debt. There’s this huge juxtaposition between the fact that the world is booming with young, intelligent adults, yet more and more jobs are being replaced by smart machines instead.

29% of Men and 36% of women now have at least a bachelor’s degree, which sat at 15% and 9% respectively back in 1965. And Kingston, dear, kind Kingston, with 3 main educational institutions, is the most educated city in Ontario. This past year, Kingston bought the most books on Amazon. 1.67% of Kingston’s population has a PhD - that’s over 3 times the national average - and Kingston has been said to be one of the 7 most intelligent cities in the world. The city of Kingston as well as our schools have started making extra efforts to keep these educated alumni.

You would think the thought of a man with a tweed jacket and wire rimmed glasses sitting in a Starbucks writing a lesson plan for the class he teaches at the local university turns me on so much more than a guy with muscles and a fancy car. Oh, wait, you’d be right. And this might be a stereotype, of course, as Mr. Muscles could just as easily switch places with Mr. Tweed and I’d suddenly be attracted to him instead.

What used to have a reputation as the place people with “problems” would go to find love, dating apps are becoming more of a mainstream method of meeting someone, many someones being the smart ones. There are so many sapiosexuals like me out there who are finally able to voice this need for brains further than the secret crush on the T.A. in their psychology class.

And, thank goodness, because maybe I’ll finally be able to find myself a good one who can stimulate me with witty, intelligent conversation. He just might not have a job.

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